How it Works

We are Property Proctor "India's First Online Property Management Solution" which is currently located in Mumbai, India showcasing experienced set of property managers, particularly for your invested rental property. We provide you well-organized Property Management Services to your respective properties: Like Residential Property, Commercial Property, Industrial Property, NRI Properties and their respective Management is done by us. At Property Proctor, we believe in making life simple and hassle free for all our clients. Being Property Management Company we build an enhanced customer experience, which involves the least interaction and maximum information at just with one click of a button at Property Proctor Mobile App. With Property Proctor, you will have no more hassles of interacting with No Brokers or prospective tenants, no more uploading of properties on various websites and their multiple mailers and no more hassles of site visits. We Property Manager manage it ‘ALL’ to bring instant updates on ongoing site visits, negotiations, rentals, documentation etc..

Property Manager

A Property Manager is a designated employee hired by Property Management Company. They work as per property owners requirement, property manager comes in the picture when respective property owner fails to manage their responsibility towrdas the invested property. This happens when they are stuck with other work and they don't have much time to keep eye on it. Therefoe, to avoid such circumstances and not to loose on property revenue, they appoint property managers. Who plays a vital role in order to give raise in property by offering good Proerty Management Services. Property Managers are in charge of managing a property in varies ways. The responsibility of property manager increases in Real Estate Management segment, their vital role is to hunt for responsible tenant and manage them on behalf of the property owner. Property Managers are involved in all abilities, from locating the tenants and addressing their complaints etc. Its been found while reviewing real estate market that property managers is been similarize with real estate agents. Real Estate Agents & Property Managers work profile is quite different but they both belongs to same indusstry. So No Broker or Real Estate Agents are "PROPERTY MANAGER". Hence, no broker can work as the property manager in real estate industry be it Mumbai or any other states in India. Not only in India but all over the world no broker will works as a property management company.

Property Management

Property Management is the process handled by Property Management Company for residential, industrial & commercial properties such as flats, detached homes, condo units & shopping facilities. Property Management Services is an operation, management, & supervision of property as being used in its broad conditions. We have the group of experts known as Property Managers who work on the property on behalf of property owners, where they suggest need to be cared for property and keep track on property liabilities and investment. Property Management Company works on many parameters for property where they directly interact with the tenants and prospects, saving property owners time and stress over promoting your rentals, collecting rental income, handling maintenance and repair problems of respective property, responding to tenant complaints as well as chasing evictions managed by our team. Property management is a vast set of management process which comes under real estate market in which property management works on. Do not confuse yourself us with property broker because property management company is no broker & do not deal anything with brokers. But we do work along with property brokers as channel partners. Estate agents in Mumbai is growing way too fast in India & in today's time real estate developers in Mumbai are booming more after the introduction of RERA in real estate market.

NRI Property Management

In India, we have the high chunk of Non-Resident Indians and basically, we are more into NRI Property Management, our Property Managers believe in working with such folks who really need our services and we try delivering NRI and all other Residents an excellent Property Management Services in absence of them. Migrating one nation to another continues to be a major trend all over countries. Same in India migration keeps happening, changing national and global boundaries and indulge in the new area, location, culture, and environment. What cannot proceed with us is our property and it's the sole thing that ties back down an individual to his or her home town. Property Management Company not only assists the customers to handle the welfare of the property but additionally, it permits them to remain connected and free of worrying about the state of their precious property. Our Property Managers are specialized in providing reliable NRI Property Management around India, focusing more into Metro cities such as Mumbai and Delhi. NRIs residing abroad and for them, it’s quite difficult to maintain their property by seating across the sea. So it becomes very important for them to hire Property Managers to take care of their property in absence of them and give all valuable services which they really deserve.

Rental Property Management

Property Management Company has a lot of section to take care in your property segment. In which Rental Property Management Services is immense to take care of. Here Property Managers real task arises from finding right tenant, history check of tenant, rental income collection and transferring rental income it to respective property owners account by appropriate time, keeping track on due and diligence, handling query and complaints of tenant as well as society, this all key task is been managed by our Property Managers. It might sound less of work but in reality when we work on the field than you come to know how hard is to handle Rental Property Management Segment without giving any trouble to the property owner. Rental property management is one of the difficult and crucial steps which is handled by property management company. We can say all game begins under this segment. The task of hiring right tenant might end after the search but their maintenance sustains till the agreement is signed up. Property Management Company not only checks on rental property management but its services are broken into many parts. Accordingly, all segments are distributed under many steps. Similarly, rental property management is one of the essential segment which is driven by property management company Mumbai, India.

Property Management Servics

This is another crucial segment of Property Management Company. Property Managers job is not over after Rental Property Management but from here the Property Management induction starts. So here our Property Manager team starts inducting the property. They look after the property maintenance repair and services and paying utility bill of property and the interiors of property. We have an advisory firm who looks after, tax consulting, property legal assistance, investment services, listing your property on multiple top property portals, taking care of property profit and loss statement, giving you 24x7 customer support and on demand maintenance and repair services. You might fimiliar about property management services in out countries and now we are in India as well. Property management services includies property safeguard and supportes property moving into any prohibited activity or property offense such as illegal use of property and destruction and corrosion. This everything is managed by Property Management Company on behalf of property owners. To know more about on our Property Management Services you can directly coordinate with our Property Managers who are always happy to help you.

Property Proctor App

This application is specially designed for all property owner. Whether you apply for our services or you don’t, still you are allowed to download Property Proctor App free of cost to your mobile phone. Compatible with Android as well as iPhone. You can straight go to play store and install the app for your respective phone. This Property Proctor app has made property owner task so easy and refined that they can easily track their rental property income and personal information on their tenants, without having Property Managers. Property Proctor App will give all registered information to the property owner about the tenant staying in apartment respectively & all information comes on screen with one click of a button. So far we have come to know we are no broker but property managers. Instead, no broker is hired under property management company they can be the channel partners or third source of business but no broker will be designated under property managers. Hence we are no broker but respected property managers for property management company. Our endeavor is to provide our customers with Peace of Mind, while we ensure and work for you to achieve best results. Property proctor is always focused to work with the best people in the industry to provide you the best services by staying anywhere in India.

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