About Us

We love what we do VIVEK GUPTA- CEO

Vivek founded Property Proctor with a view to provide efficient property management service to the people in India. With an expertise in finance and entrepreneurship, he is responsible for day to day management of the company with a view to ensure 100% satisfaction to all concerned entities with compliance as the key parameter towards all our deliverables. Vivek is a CFA Candidate and has completed his Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University. Kaizen Partners, a boutique Investment banking firm started from Mumbai in 2013 was the first entrepreneurship venture by Vivek with its network now in India, Middle East and Europe. In past Vivek has worked with ICICI Bank, ING, Sundaram BNP Paribas, Taurus Asset Management and B & K Securities.

Our work is our Passion

Being passionate about what we do helps us offer our users not only a product but an amazing experience, so they can be great at what they do. It also keeps us going during less fun moments.

We Grow Together

We're not just passionate about our product but about everything else that goes with delivering our users the best possible experience. We work hard to provide all property proctor customers with exceptional support service.

We're shooting for the stars - San Francisco skyline PRACHI GUPTA Director & COO

Prachi looks after all the marketing strategies and designing of marketing communication which are executed through various platforms. She is playing a pivotal role in bridging requirement for the entire solution and forming a strong IT & Process flow. Her instincts of connecting the dots has been a key strength to the company. Prachi has completed her Masters in Business Administration from Jaypee Business School, Noida. Prachi has rich experience in print media and branding & marketing for real estate companies like Jaypee Group and Civitech with expertise in digital & social media campaigns. Besides this she has also built an extensive analyst experience in her tenure at HCL Technologies.
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People First

We believe that all of our decisions should reflect our values and business culture, we follow what's in our hearts not just our heads. Luckily, we have our customers in both.

We love what we do ANKIT GOEL- CTO

Ankit is responsible for executing IT requirements of Property Proctor. Ankit has been working on the project since its inception. He is instrumental in designing the architecture of the Web, App and the entire flow of our IT Solution. Simultaneously, he is building a strong customer responsive analytics tool for quickest execution of customer queries. Ankit has completed his Masters in Computer Science from University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Ankit has over 6 years of research experience in Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms.

We are our own clients.

We designed property proctor because we felt the need ourselves. We designed what can facilitate and aggregate all our property related problems at one single platform. To ensure best experience we test and validate all our processes and by ourselves as a client.

We Exceed Expectations

We voluntary the act of your requirement, which genuinely desires to satisfy your need. We promise keeping our client delight and happy with our services. Servicing you as customer is an honorable opportunity for us. We happily welcome you to be the part of our journey...!!!

We're shooting for the stars - San Francisco skyline PROPERTY PROCTOR
Believe in the Best

Our Endeavour is to provide for the perfect experience and work diligently to achieve it. We want to aim for the stars and we always make sure our users get WOW factor every time they come to us. Our motto is to deliver spontaneous customer service. Your happy experience is our revenue. We promise to give the services which benefits you. It’s how we follow your need and make you feel JOY when you do business with us.

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