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About Us

Property Proctor is India's first online Property Management Solution.

We are one stop solution provider to all your property related hassles. Property is 'Yours' – Proctor is 'Ours' We are building an ecosystem, which not only fulfils all modern day requirements of Property Manager but also assures peace of mind to all our customers and partners. Our endeavour – Find the 'RIGHT TENANT' and get the 'BEST RENT'.We ensure 'You' as 'Property Owner' generate maximum returns out of your investment. Allow your Investment to generate returns for you. You made the Investment in buying your property now take the decision in getting it managed efficiently and effectively by 'PROPERTY PROCTOR’

What is Property Management

  • Administration of Residential, Commercial or Industrial Real Estate
  • Management of Property owned by another Party or Entity
  • Preserve Value of Property while generating Income
  • Property Managers receive a fee or a percentage of Rent
  • Communication with Owners, Tenants & Regulatory Bodies

Our team of Experts assist you in:

  • Communication with all parties involved with faster resolution
  • Listing your Property on top property portals of India (over 30 portals)
  • Manage queries, calls & arrange site visits for prospective tenants
  • Due Diligence & Negotiations on your behalf with the Tenants
  • We are one stop solution for all your property matters

" Property is Yours – Proctor is Ours "

" Property is Yours – Proctor is Ours "

What We Do

Finding the Right Tenant

  • We make sure we ‘Find the RIGHT TENANT’ for your property
  • From Site Visits to Negotiation to Possession… We are with ‘You’
  • Our Assurance - Stringent Due Diligence and background check before the possession

Property Listing

  • We list your property on top realty portals
  • We deal with all the prospective tenants and local brokers
  • All calls and queries related to your property is handled by our centralised team

Strong Legal Assistance

  • Compliance is the top most priority of Property Proctor
  • ‘You’ & ‘Your’ property are legally protected
  • Legal agreements are drafted & reviewed by our team of experts

Maintenance and Repair

  • On Demand Maintenance & Repair services
  • Schedule maintenance on the PropPro app
  • Leave the stress of maintaining ‘Your’ property to ‘Us’

24x7 Assistance

  • Find all your solutions on PropPro app
  • Real time status to tenants and owners
  • Connect with us through Dedicated Call Centre and APP

Property P&L-Tax Assistance

  • ‘PROFIT Statement’ of all your properties, as per actual Income & Expense records
  • Anytime Tax Consultation through PropPro app
  • Valuation Analysis for informed Investment decisions

Prop-Pro App

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